Meet Peggy

Moderator, analyst and marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience in marketing and market research, including work as a  client and a vendor.  In addition to her work in research, she also has experience in database marketing, PR, media/communications/journalism, and futurism.  The breadth of her professional background allows her to offer unique value and insight to clients.  To read more about Peggy, click here.

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  • Qualitative Marketing Research Consultation and Ethnography
    • Study Design
    • Discussion Guide Design
    • Moderating
    • Analysis of Findings
    • Report Writing  – including edited video reporting
    • Notetaking Databases
    • Presentation of Findings
  • Biometrics Communication Research
  • Corporate Ideation Facilitation
  • Insights and Actionable Recommendations

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Types of Techniques

  • In person – focus groups, IDIs, dyads, triads, friend groups, usability labs, shop-alongs, ethnographic observation, corporate facilitation
  • Online – webcam focus groups, chat groups, bulletin boards
  • Phone – IDIs
  • Hybrid quali-quant – in person and online
  • Desk Research
  • Biometrics

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